Product Description

Magnalenz Induction Furnaces are designed and produced by studying all available existing Furnaces in the world, adapting all superior features, adding all up to date technologies and combining the necessary needs indicated by foundrymen. For the coming millennium years of 2000 and beyond Magnalenz proudly presents to modern, automated foundries and steel plants the most Economical, the most Reliable, the most Efficient and high Quality Induction Furnace viz. FERmelt.
MF Description of the Installations
Medium frequency furnaces operate at frequencies ranging form 150 to 10,000 HZ. Such furnaces provide the concentration of high power in small volumes with a definitely higher melt rate.
Melting Crucible
Structurally it consists of three independent but inter dependent sections:
• Base Frame
• Tilting Frame
• Interchangable Inductor comprising a coil (made from specially shaped copper section featuring higher strength and higher conductivity.)

The melting basin positioned inside the inductor is separated with a thick refractory lining in between.
A special hydraulic system ensures easy emptying, smooth and complete pouring.
MF Solid State Power Converter
Converts the line/mains frequency into medium frequency required for efficient operation.
The features include
• Conversion from AC to DC
• Rectifying & filtering DC current
• Converting DC to MF AC
• Electrical safety, protection, Regulation and control circuits
• Closed water circuit with water-to-water heat exchange & de-ioning with demineralised water
MF Power Factor Compensation Capacitor Bank
It comprises a set of water-cooled medium frequency capacitors connected by electrolytic grade copper busbars to avoid losses due to high currents. It is fitted inside the panel or outside. Specially protected frames automatically compensate the low power factor to the furnace.
Ancillary Equipments
Additional equipment is supplied to the cust omer's specific requirements for better funct ionality of the medium frequency furnace installations.
DM Section with Plate Type Heat Exchanger
• Cooling Tower
• Step-up and Step-down Transformers
• Closed loop DM Water circulation for crucible
• Automatic charging equipments
• Energy metering devices
• Control and programming of power absorbed during production cycle
• EOT Cranes
• Water softening plant

The Magnalenz Edge
The following characteristics of our FERmelt furnace and the smart technology give Magnalenz the distinctive competitive edge:
• Hi-tech design means lower failure
• The FERmelt solution incorporates a special system to locate faults
• Magnalenz has a team of trained and experienced engineers
• Suitable design for fast service
• Telephonic advice for fast technical aid
• Built with care and quality workmanship for fail-safe performance
• In-house, state-of-the-art, world-class testing regimen
• Clean layout with ample space and easy accessibility to all components means fast and quality maintenance and servicing
• Ample stock and availability of spare parts
24/7/365 Service
Round the clock service throughout the week is an after-sales feature that earned for us the reputation of RELIABILITY!