Product Description

For a variety of industrial purposes, These Brass Melting furnace offer capacities of clean and energy efficient mergers through controlled processes that are capable of reducing production losses.

Power output: 20 kW to 5000 kW
Melting capacity: 20 kg to 10 tones

Application of Brass Melting furnace:
• Merger
• Metallurgical
• Refineries and recycling units for precious metals
• Silicon fusion plants
• Mining, aerospace and defense
• University, laboratory and R & D sectors
• Automotive and manufacturing solar energy
• Using cutting edge advances in induction melting.

Our energy-saving features include:
• Brass Melting furnace also reduces dust and other pollutants generated by industrial processes. By Improved fusion rates and consumption of the unit through reduced electrical losses.
• Metallurgical
• Exceptional coil winding techniques to increase throughput
• Power ranges through built-optimized circuits controlling tolerated precisely the power demand and load
• Uniform temperature distribution curves in upper and lower cooling
• Magnetic detours that cut heat loss and help prevent overheating
• Industrial induction melting furnaces used for electromagnetic induction heating and melting metals such as Induction Furnace ,Gold,Silver,Iron,Zinc,Platinum,Bronze,Aluminum,Copper,Brass,Silicon
• If you are looking for Brass Melting furnace for molten brass, it is important to find one with advances in modern technology; these cutting-edge features can take you from the dark times of the ancient art of casting to the comforts of the new era to complete their projects in record time. This can save you both time and money.
• Brass Melting furnace is perfect induction is equipped with a high-definition LCD screen also known as HMI screen. That is the user interface (HMI call by name in English: Human-Machine Interface) that allows the operator to monitor all functions performed by the induction melting furnace. The HMI also lets you run reports to help monitor the productivity of the furnace, including the amount of energy used from project to project. As the HMI is an LCD HDTV, there is little or no chance of a misreading of operations. Instructions levels of the oven and the indicators are clear and easy to read. The HMI also offers detailed graphics and sensitive touch screen for efficient operation.